Climate Impact Statement

“What we are essentially offering is bringing vertical movement as an aspect of training”

-Conant Brewer/President-Founder                                             


Climate Impact Statement

Treadwall Fitness is aware and focused on climate impact. Our products are self powered and designed to be recycled at the end of their use. We are constantly refining our operations to minimize our footprint.


All manufacturing is done in our one facility with 10,000 square feet of naturally cooled space.

With a few exceptions, all suppliers are local and their delivery climate impacts minimal. The exceptions are one supplier overseas and three to four suppliers in the western part of the US. All these suppliers are low fequency, 1-3 times a year.

Staffing is local. All travel is minimized and air flights are only employed when no other alternatives are available.


Products consist primarily of steel and wood, with a number of other materials mixed in:Products consist primarily of steel and wood, with a number of other materials mixed in:

  • The steel is standard ferrous metal. 
  • The Laddermill rungs are stainless steel.
  • The wood materials used are primarily plywood, almost all FSC certified. 
  • The steel is powdercoated. No solvents used. 
  • The wood is coated with a water-based clear coat.
  • Wood coating is dip-based or hand applied: no spraying or solvents are used.
  • The Treadwall lower side panels are ABS plastic.
  • The Laddermill cloth covers are a micromesh material.
  • The mats for the Treadwall are closed cell foam and vinyl.

Operation of Equipment

All our products operate on body weight — no motors are used. A small amount of 9 or 12 volt current (1500ma) is used for the sensors and/or displays.

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