Treadwall Cardio Program: Easy

Perform these 2 or 3x a week, remember to warm up properly

Suggest 5 min cardio activity, arm circles, squats and stretching. Try to take rests on the ladder rungs or just climb on those and use some of the holds as well.

131 Min.Easy (3 to 5)Incline2 Min.
231 Min.Moderate (4-6)Incline1 Min.
33 to 51 Min.Moderate (4-6)Incline1 Min.
432 Min.Easy (3 to 5)Incline1 Min.
542 Min.Easy (3 to 5)Vertical1 Min.
63 to 52 Min.Moderate (4-6)Incline30 Sec.
743 Min.Easy (3 to 5)Incline2 Min.
853 Min.Moderate (4-6)Incline3 Min.

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