Laddermill Cardio Program: Moderate

Perform two to three days a week

Start with a warm up: 30 jumping jacks, 2 mins climbing at incline angle, easy pace, and 30 more jumping jacks. Consider stretching some after as well. Try to do a 2 min cool down if you can as well (easy pace)

131 Min.Moderate (4-6)Incline30 Sec.
231 Min.Easy (3 to 5)Vertical1 Min.
325 Min.Moderate (4-6)Incline2 Min.
4330 Sec.Fast (5 to 7)Incline30 Sec.
5430 Sec.Moderate (4-6)Vertical30 Sec.
625 Min.Easy (3 to 5)Vertical2 Min.
741 Min.Fast (5 to 7)Incline2 Min.
852 Min.Moderate (4-6)Vertical2 Min.

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