Treadwall Kore

The Treadwall Kore series is designed & priced for home owners as the ultimate training tool for power endurance.

Boulder Board 8

The Boulderboard8 is our largest freestanding & collapsible training wall with optional LED patterns, & adjustable angles. 

Coming Soon: Treadwall & Kilter present

             Treadwall FLOW

Treadwall Max

The Treadwall Max is our flagship series with the greatest angle range & simplicity of adjustment.

Boulder Board 6

The Boulderboard6 is our medium size freestanding & collapsible training wall with adjustable angles. 


Rotating Walls

Treadwall® has been the standard for rotating walls around the world for 30 years. The modern lineup offers training options for every athlete.


Training Stations

Freestanding and collapsible adjustable training walls available in 4, 6, and 8 foot widths, available LED board patterns.


Training Station

The premier self powered rotating ladders that offer challenging, intuitive movement, adjustable angles and speeds for any training intensity.


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Climbing Panels

Unique sculpted panels that are an elegant, reasonably priced, system for building small indoor/outdoor climbing walls.

“I am the Treadwall’s #1 Fan, this machine is a total monster!”

-Sasha Digiulian /Pro Climber                                             


What is Vertical Movement?

Climbing is a natural human instinct, ingrained in us as children, and yet one of the most rewarding activities imaginable. It demands focus, builds power, and clarifies goals. We make training vertically safe for everone.

Exercise for Mind and Body

Climbing pushes the mind to coordinate every muscle towards reaching a goal. The active problem solving and self-awareness in vertical movement encourages a focus that reduces stress and increases the body-mind connection. We provide the equipment – you provide the concentration.

Balance and Coordination

Balance is the foundation of climbing and life. Successful vertical movement requires the proper coordination of balance and power making it a powerful training tool to build kinesthetic awareness. Our equipment makes this training open and easy, for every athlete.

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